Can Jordy Nelson Solve the Patriots’ Wide Receiver Dilemma?

The Patriots have a plethora of quality Wide Receivers: Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell, Phillip Dorsett, Brandin Cooks, and Kenny Britt. After losing Danny Amendola to the rival Dolphins, the Patriots should make a play on the recently cut Jordy Nelson. Despite only having 482 passing yards last season, from 2013 to 2016, Jordy had 1,200+ yard seasons with 8 or more touchdowns also. Consistency is key when it comes to playing time in New England, and after losing Amendola, Jordy Nelson could bring that clutch time stability. The only issue is where he fits into the roster, and that would be in Brandin Cooks spot. Brandin Cooks didn’t have a bad year by any stretch of the imagination, with 1,082 yards and 7 touchdowns, but it was down the stretch when he cost the Patriots. With no Edelman in the Super Bowl, Brady targeted new comer Brandin Cooks who made two bone-headed plays that one could argue cost the Patriots Super Bowl 52. Trying to hurdle someone 4 yards ahead of the first down marker on 3rd and 2 in the red-zone instead of cutting in to a wide open middle of the field led to a missed field goal from Stephen Gostkowski. Then later in the game, Cooks was disoriented and caught spinning right into a bone crushing hit from Malcolm Jenkins that forced Brandin Cooks out of the rest of the game. These two plays cost the Patriots a chance at a touchdown and their most dangerous outside offensive weapon, and Cooks has nobody to blame but himself.  The game plan this offseason when it comes to receiver should be simple. start out by signing Jordy Nelson to a 2 year deal worth between $6 to $8 million per year. Once he is locked up, trade Brandin Cooks to the Cleveland Brown for either the 33rd or 35th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Cleveland would hop all over this trade, having Brandin Cooks and Jarvis Landry on the outside would turn them into a legitimate offensive force, and it would only cost them one of their second round picks. This also gives the Patriots a great option to trade this pick or the 49ers pick for more draft stock or a corner back to play alongside Gilmore. This trade is a true win-win, and solves major offensive issues for both the Patriots and Browns, and I see this as a legitimate trade option for the Patriots who are likely hesitant to pay Cooks $9 million this coming season. If this does end up happening, expect big things from Jordy Nelson who would fit in well, essentially replacing Danny Amendola, and expect the Browns to become a potential force in the AFC with two of the most talented receivers in the AFC paired up.


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