You Need to See How Joe Kelly is Spending Spring Training

Joe Kelly is kind of the best. In addition to being able to throw baseballs at sizzling speeds, he’s a really funny guy and a great clubhouse presence. Last season, he made a cute cameo in the outfield’s ‘Win, Dance, Repeat,’ and this season, it looks like he’s really ramping up his antics.

Disguised in a full fatsuit, wig, and makeup, and equipped with legit press credentials, Kelly has been making the rounds at JetBlue Park aka Fenway South as Jim Buchanan of JWK Punta Gorda. He’s been in the locker room, gym, even on the field hassling the infielders as they practice taking grounders.

The videos have me smiling, and even laughing out loud. It’s a refreshing take on inside-the-clubhouse exclusives, because Kelly has been able to get up close and personal with his teammates.

Here are all the Jim Buchanan episodes so far:

His debut:

Disrupting the infield:

In the weight room with Jim (or is it Jerry) Rice:

Most recently, exclusive interviews with “Brack” Holt and JD Martinez:

I even suggested that Jim Buchanan do a crossover episode with David Ortiz as part of his tv show, “Big Papi Needs A Job,” and this was his response:

I’m loving this whole sideshow. Aside from the fact that Jim Buchanan’s videos are hilarious, it gives me hope that this team is going to have a fun-filled, good-vibes-only season. A happy club is usually a more successful one, so here’s hoping that Jim Buchanan sticks around to ask the tough questions and bring the laughs during the regular season and G-d-willing, the postseason.


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