Former Boston Celtic Glen “Big Baby” Davis Arrested for Selling Drugs in Maryland

As our pres Joe Scotch said when he first saw this mugshot, “Dude’s dressed like an elf bringing people weed and money for an early Christmas.”

Glen, what are you doing, big guy? Sure, you may have had the worst nicknames of all time with “Big Baby” or “Shrek” when paired with Nate Robinson, but you just can’t be out here selling drugs, man. Nobody can be happier than Doc and KG, right? I mean those guys HATED Davis, as well as proved to be some of the biggest sociopaths out there.

A lot of this story does not make a ton of sense. Hand up, I don’t sell drugs. It isn’t one of my hobbies, I’ll be the first to admit that. However, people sell drugs to make a lot of money, right? People in the NBA make a lot of money to begin with, millions in fact. So this can only mean one of two things. One, Big Baby lost all of his NBA money or two, he messed up somewhere down the line and is working for a big-time mob boss drug dealer. Either way, hilarious situation.

Davis was just chilling at a Holiday Inn one night in February when the hotel owner smelled marijuana coming from his room. Davis yelled from inside the room “F- Off!” (a beautiful way with words really) until eventually, police got a warrant to search the room. What did they find you ask? Just a light 126 grams of weed and a briefcase filled with $92,164. The guy made $36.4 million over his NBA career, but here he is selling weed to teenagers in Maryland, only to get caught.

Glen Davis proved to be the Glen Davis of drug-dealing. Just some idiot who left the league to pursue his dreams. Who knows if he will actually go to jail or not, but still. Als, I have a TV show idea. Beyond Scared Straight with Kevin Garnett. Imagine KG just following Big Baby around prison screaming at him and attacking him the entire time? Must see content. I’ll end on this, a little throwback to the last time Big Baby cried in front of KG.

Photo: CBS Boston


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