Jets Give Up Tons to Move Up to 3

The Jets had no choice. They had to do something crazy and stupid, it’s just what they do. They gave up their first round pick this year, #6, their two second round picks this year, 37 and 49, and their second round pick next year to the Colts so they could move up to #3. Forget the fact that they gave up too much, which they did(more on this later), they have no idea what’s going to be available at 3. The Browns and Giants may be leaning a certain way, and maybe the Jets think they know where they’re leaning, but what if the Jets are wrong, or what if someone trades in front of them? They made this deal more than a month before the draft started, which gives other teams tons of time to work on a package, if they want to. The whole thing doesn’t make sense to me.

Maybe the Jets are thinking that Barkley gets taken at 1 or 2, so they have a better shot at their franchise QB. The problem with that is that the Browns just signed Carlos Hyde, so it seems unlikely they would take Barkley, so that just leaves the Giants, who are quarterbacked by rapidly aging Eli Manning. I can’t imagine they pass on a QB, unless they don’t believe any of them are worth it, which could also be an indictment on the decision of the Jets to give that much up to get one of these guys. Obviously, nothing is certain in the draft. You don’t know who will be available, and, even if you get the guy you want, there is no guarantee the guy will pan out.

I had mentioned the value that they gave up for the trade, and here it is: according to they gave up way too much:

For comparison, the Bears moved from 3 to 2 last year and gave up a 3rd and 4th last year, and a 3rd in this year’s draft. According to Draft Tek, there is a 400 point difference between 2 and 3, only 100 points less than the difference between 3 and 6. They also made that move after the Browns had drafted, when the 49ers were already on the clock. They knew the player they were getting, and still gave up far less than the Jets.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go for it. Your entire franchise can change with an elite quarterback, I’m just surprised the Jets gave up that much to get him. They also signed Teddy Bridgewater this offseason, but although his contract could go to $15M, that is with incentives, without him hitting those it should be around $5M. They also have former 2nd round pick Christian Hackenberg, who they have never even given a chance. Maybe they think he stinks and will never be the guy, but he has never even taken a snap in the NFL, you would think they would at least give him a chance in a game to see what he really has before selling the farm to get a new QB. Then again, maybe the Jets aren’t even thinking about going QB at 3. When the Jets are on the clock, you never know what’s going to happen.

In the end, we won’t know if this is a good trade or not until the player they draft at #3 has a few years to play and develop. For Jets GM Mike Maccagnan, this trade may be a last ditch effort to save his job. He already whiffed on Hackenberg. Miss on this pick, especially after giving up so much, and there’s no way he keeps his job.

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