UMBC Shocks the World, Upsetting Number 1 Virginia in the First Round

WOW! The 16 seed University of Maryland Baltimore County upset 1 seed Virginia in for the first time in March Madness history. For those who don’t know, March Madness has been around ever since 1939. That is 79 years of the 1 seed beating the 16 seed every year, four times a year.

Who saw this coming? Spoiler alert: nobody. Virginia just a little over a week ago won the ACC tournament and now this! There is no coming back from this one. Every year for the foreseeable future, they are going to be stereotyped as the only team to lose in the first round as a 1 seed. Just like how Falcons fans will always get 28-3 jokes, or the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead jokes, Virginia is about to enter this category of infamy.

UMBC didn’t just beat Virginia, but they beat the absolute crap out of them. A 20 point victory! Just thinking about it is absolutely insane.  UMBC should not have even been in this game. They were the 188th best out of 351 teams, but won their conference and somehow snuck in as a 16 seed.

Virginia went 4 for 22 from 3 point land, which seemed to stand out the most this game. They took so many forced and stupid shots in desperation to get the game closer, but there was a lid on the basket the entire night for them. UMBC’s Jarius Lyles became a household name dropping 28 points and had his way with the Virginia defense.

What a way to wrap up the opening round of 2018 March Madness. Make sure to tune into me and @DanteOnDeck talk about day two of March Madness tomorrow on @ParkballHeroes.


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