Remember The Titans

Titans originated in Greek mythology, a race of gods. Today, Titans reside in Tennessee and are prepping for a comeback that puts their name on the map. In 1999, the Tennessee Titans had themselves the most memorable seasons in franchise history but unfortunately fell short to Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams.Their next big season was in 2008 when Chris Johnson was a rookie and Kerry Collins was calling the shots under center. Since then, the Titans have been a good to decent team but nothing to bat an eye about. Last season was the first time since 2008 that the Titans saw the post season and they even reached the second round, until they met the soon to be AFC Champion Patriots. This off season, the Titans made it known that they will not have another playoff drought.

The Titans this offseason actually dipped their hand into the Patriots roster and took two key players away. Dion Lewis signed a 4-year contract and Pro Bowl corner Malcolm Butler signed a 5-year contract with the team. The Titans also kept one of their best linemen Josh Kline by having him sign a 4-year deal as well. The AFC South is becoming more evenly matched every year. The Chiefs started off as the front-runners after Peyton Manning said his goodbye to the NFL. Now with the Broncos bringing in Case Keenum and the Titans buffing up their team a bit, we could see a more competitive battle in the division and even across the league.

A very good move that has gone over many peoples heads is the releasing of DeMarco Murray. The running back had a less than satisfying past season with the team and was outshined late in the year by his backup and now successor Derrick Henry. I believe it was the right move for the team to allow Henry to show his full potential and become the starting running back. To me, Murray was just dead weight for the team.

Make no mistake, the Titans are planning to rise again with not only all these moves but also the signing of a new head coach. Mike Vrabel, now the head coach, will bring a new and young movement to the team. I believe with all the years of being coached by Bill Belichick and coaching himself in Houston, Coach Vrabel will have exactly what the Titans need to officially “start over.”


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