Road To The Garden

10am: time to wake up. Get out of bed and go brush your teeth and wash off your night before. Head out and go grab your Dunks coffee and get breakfast. Cook up some eggs and toast while you put Sports Center on and watch highlights of the sports world from yesterday. Look at the clock, now it’s 12. Time to start getting your friend son the phone and start prepping for the night ahead of you. Games at 7 so you better have your priorities in order already. Get your clothes together, text back your group chat and make sure you and your friends are ready to go. By the time all your friends are together and you’ve had some pre-game grub, it’s 3 o’clock. Time to get in the car and head to Sullivan Station in Somerville.  Make sure you catch the Forest Hills train but don’t be alarmed if you don’t, it comes every 5-10 minutes. When you get off and get out of the station you’ll check your clock and see it’s 3:30-4:00. Time to hit Halftime Pizza.

Halftime Pizza on 115 Causeway St is the first spot for any true Boston fan. A slice of pizza and a beer for $13? $13 gets you a single beer inside the garden. When you and your friends get in there you’ll probably hear some of the old-timers talking about Birds hook shot over Magic or when Cam Neely really busted up Chris Nilan. Have a seat and take it all in, your almost ready for the show. After a slice and a Coors, make your way around the corner and pick your poison. Will you choose to have a beer and play some pool at “Sullivan Tap”? Maybe you want to watch some highlights and have a beer on one of four floors in “The Worlds Greatest Bar”. Feeling like hanging out with some more locals before the game? then “The Harp”, will be your place.

Check the clock, its time to go in. Walk across the street and head inside sports most historic place, the TD Bank Garden. Take in all of the past cheers fans would scream out when Pierce would hit a three. Feel the energy take course in your veins when Captain Chara smashes someone into the boards. Take a seat with all your friends and gaze upon your few. Look around, see the banners, smell the air, your sitting in history. What you are about to see, will forever live inside the building. Everything you say and everything you say and everything you do will forever be apart of the walls and the floor of the Boston Garden.


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