How Stupid Can ESPN Be?

Yesterday, ESPN came out with a top 20 most dominant athlete list in the past 2 decades. You’re probably thinking to yourself, now that’s a wicked easy piece how could they screw this up right? Well, they did.

First off, how don’t they have Michael Phelps on this list? The dude is the definition of dominance in his sport. Literally, nobody has beaten​​ this guy in the Olympics and this idiot didn’t even put him on the list. He disses Phelps like that and puts Schumacher at number 7! The man who wrote this needs to be checked out for some sort of mental illness or something because Phelps deserves to be on this list. Anybody who watched Phelps this past year at the Olympics knows how much of a force this guy is. This guy is one of the greatest athletes of all time never mind a top 20 athlete of the past decade.

There is so much wrong with this list I don’t even know what to criticize next but since I’m a Boston guy I guess I have to say HOW IS TOM BRADY #20 AND PEYTON MANNING #3! The things that goes through ones mind to put Manning before Brady has to be pretty sick and twisted. How is the greatest quarterback of all time…… no greatest NFL player of all time number 20 on this list. The man has been to 8 Super Bowls and has won five of them. He has done the unthinkable and has beaten Father Time. Even Manning/Favre didn’t do that. Brady has done it since 2001, think about that. It’s 2018, this guy has been doing it longer than any other Quarterback ever. Brady is in uncharted territory and the only reason he doesn’t have a sixth ring is because the defense allowed Nick Foles to beat them. Now I’m not saying Manning shouldn’t be on this list but I am saying that Manning and Brady should be switched. Sure Manning was dominant but Brady won the rings and is doing into his 40’s. To be completely honest, this looks like another one of ESPN’s salty writers who hate Brady for some reason and bumped him at the bottom. ESPN has made themselves a joke ever since deflategate and Lebron’s return to Cleveland. That’s just facts.

Another thing is how isn’t Kobe and Shaq on this list. The Lakers were always in the championship talk solely because they had Kobe. The man was an assassin and he continued to be one later in his career. He destroyed the Celtics in 2010 and he had the consistency late in his career to be on this list. Kobe and Shaq together was deadly to everyone in the NBA. Sure Shaq bounced from team to team but he still won it on other teams. Now he did need another stud like Kobe or D-Wade with him to win it but so did Lebron. Everyone got out his way when he made his way to the rim. Him and Kobe should be on this list and deserve to be on this list possibly in place of Mike Trout. Realistically how long has Trout been doing it, it’s not even close to 20 years so, I wish somebody could explain to me why he’s on this list over Kobe.

Now there are some guys on here that deserve to be on this list but should be as high up as they are. Like Jimmie Johnson, yes he was one of the best NASCAR drivers of all time but i don’t think he should be number 4. The same with Floyd money Mayweather. Yes, he’s been dominant but I don’t know that he deserves number 8 on this list. I think Lebron, Tiger, Kobe, Brady, Federer, Messi, Williams and Bolt should be above him. Now it’s nothing against him it’s just that these athletes did things in the sport that nobody thought was possible and that is what you truly need to do to be in the top 5 of this list.

I am not trying to take anything away from any athlete on this list, I am just stating my opinion on this list and how stupid it is. Like I could bring up a bunch of other guys like Drew Brees and hell if they have Trout on there why can’t Gronk be on there too. I guess we’ll just have to deal with this trash list until another 20 years comes around.



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