The World is Ending Soon, and New Evidence Suggests April 18th, 2018

Theories for the end of the world have been thrown around for years and years the most popular being December 23rd, 2012 but none have come to be true yet. This theory, however, holds serious weight and has significant evidence to back it up.

On March 13th, twitter account @strayedaway tweeted a voicemail he received from an unknown caller. The call used the military alphabet, A is alpha B is bravo etc., and had a hidden message inside. After writing down the message, it spelled out “danger, SOS, it’s dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS.” While you may be thinking that this is a simple hoax used to get a little bit of twitter fame, there is no evidence suggesting that any part of this voicemail is fake. The unknown number can’t be traced or called back according to Ty, the receiver of this voicemail. Later in this voice mail, the sequence of numbers, 042933964230, which, if plugged into Google Earth as coordinates (04.2933 96.4230), leads to a remote area of a jungle in Indonesia.

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While these exact coordinates show nothing out of the ordinary, around half a mile North West, there is a dead path of forest caused by something large.

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It is surrounded by lush jungle with no path leading to it which gives cause to believe something either crashed there, or took off from there. This is thought to be around the area that Malaysian Airline Flight 370 disappeared in March of 2014. The Boeing 777 has yet to be found, but the voicemail saying “They are not human”, followed by coordinates leading to a thought area of the crash, paired with the mysterious dead patch of jungle is a very strange connection. Later down the thread, Ty claims he received several DM’s from accounts demanding he remove the voicemail, but the majority of these accounts have been proved as fake removing the government coming after him twist he tried to make. Perhaps the strangest “coincidence” tied to this is what happened just four short days after these coordinates were given to the world. An Australian man began searching for the plane on Google Earth and believes he has found the plane off the coast of Round Island, near Madagascar, which is over 3,000 miles away. He claims this is an area he has reported before, but thinks the government will not search here because they do not want to find the plane, due to what could be proven through the black box recording. You can find this by typing in Round Island, Mauritius and heading around 10 miles south, but still north of Mauritius.


Obviously, the path of the plane, which was headed to China, doesn’t get anywhere near here, so this large movement is likely due to ocean current moving the plane over the four years it has been missing. Pieces of the plane that have been found along the coast of Africa appear to have bullet holes which further asks the question not only of who was shooting at the plane, but why were they and what was shooting. One possibility is the government shooting down the plane because of a passenger that should never have been on that plane. The passenger and crew check-in listed a total of 238 passengers on board as the plane doors were closed but the officially released passenger manifest lists 239 passengers and crew. With the door being shut, how could anyone board a plane in midair? Could it be the fact that Malaysian Flight 370 flew nearly directly over the burnt patch of forest, this seems to be the only logical connection to an extra passenger being on board. This also connects the voicemail very well as a human would not be able to survive this task, only something non-human as stated in the voicemail. The voicemail is thought to be one of two things: the black-box recording being broadcasted nationwide to certain signals and frequencies due to the solar winds that occurred on March 14th and March 15th, the days of the voicemail or from somebody who knows the truth either through working for the government or seeing something they weren’t supposed to and trying to get the word out. This all also ties into the death of Stephen Hawking who just two weeks before his untimely death stated that extraterrestrial are out there watching us and waiting.

The reason the date April 18th, 2018 is being thrown around is because one of the DM’s received by Ty, which hasn’t yet been proved as a fake account was translated to “they are taking over 41818” as in someone will take over the world on April 18th, 2018. This on its own seems fake, but there is one very strange connection to the Malaysian Government here. The government is offering a US company $70 million to find the plane within a three-month deadline. Why so urgent but the Malaysian government who has picked just recently began searching again in late 2017, there was no rush after the search was called off in late 2015 and early 2016 officially? Maybe because of this date, because the offer was given on January 17th, 2018 and 90 days later on April 17th, one day before the given date. Id there something nobody but the Malaysian government knows that is on the plane, what is making this so urgent, and who would give them a demand like this? Could it be that the mystery passenger is wanted back by its people who are hidden in the lush jungle or somewhere else on Earth or in space? This seems like the only real possibility with all the evidence lining up, so the question now is, what happens if the US team doesn’t try the area the Australian man claims he found the plane and nothing is recovered? There is no hard evidence these are threats or that this DM is real, but the voicemail, forest, and plane crash sighting are all connected in a way that should make humans question what the government really knows and is hiding from us.

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