Top Alumni From Each Final Four Team Remaining

Kansas: Wilt Chamberlain, Paul Pierce

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While Kansas has produced many mid-tier NBA players such as Andrew Wiggins, Mario Chalmers, and Drew Gooden, there have only been two certified studs to come out of the university.

Wilt Chamberlain is widely known as one of the best scorers in history, with his most historic moment being his alleged 100 point game on March 2nd, 1962. Although there is no video records, and only a single picture of Chamberlain holding up a piece of paper with “100” written on it, most NBA fans take his word for it.

“The Truth” seems like the most obvious choice for the second most notable alumnus. Paul Pierce will be a first-ballot hall of famer, most known for his clutch shooting and multiple ways of scoring. Pierce spent three years at Kansas before going on to have a hall of fame career, spent mostly with the Boston Celtics.

Villanova: Paul Arizin, Kyle Lowry

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While the average NBA fan may be too young to remember Paul Arizin, he did have a fantastic career. Some of his accolades include an NBA MVP in 1951, 10 all-star selections, 4 All-NBA selections, an NBA championship and an induction in the NBA Hall of Fame. He may have played well before the time of most of the NBA’s most beloved stars, but he is easily the best player to come out of Villanova.

Moving on to someone a little more recent, Kyle Lowry comes to mind as the next best Villanova alumnus to come out of Nova. The four time all-star started his career off slow while in Memphis and Houston, but turned things around when he came to Toronto. Since coming to Toronto, Lowry has made all four of his all-star teams as well as an all-NBA team.

Michigan: Chris Webber, Jalen Rose

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It seems only fitting that the best players to come out of Michigan were both part of the infamous “Fab 5”. Webber takes the crown for the best player to come out of the university. Five all-star appearances, five All-NBA teams and a Rookie of the Year highlight a standout career for the forward.

Jalen Rose, also part of the “Fab 5”, is the second most notable alumnus from the group. While Rose’s professional career was a slight disappointment due to his fantastic college career, he still had a pretty good run. Averaging over 14 points per game, Rose was a very good starting point guard in the NBA. He was able to make the NBA all-rookie team as well as win a most-improved player award later in his career.

Loyola University of Chicago: Les Hunter, LaRue Martin

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Well, lets put it this way; Before this year, the last time a player made the NBA from Loyola University of Chicago made it into the NBA, was 1988, so pickings were slim. The last time a notable player from Loyola Chicago made it into the NBA, Sister Jean was still kicking it in her early 50’s. In 1972, LaRue Martin was taken with the first overall secretion in the 1972 NBA draft ahead of Bob McAdoo and Julius Erving. Martin lasted a whole four seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers, averaging a total of five points and four rebounds per game. Safe to say he was a bust.

Les “Big Game” Hunter may be the best player to come out of Loyola Chicago. Unfortunately, I can’t say NBA, because Hunter spent a majority of his career in the NBA. However, he was a two-time all-star and averaged over 17 points per game. As many have already found out, Loyola Chicago has never been known for their historic basketball success.

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