Bruins Give Big Z an Extension

On Wednesday morning the Boston Bruins and big Zdeno Chara inked a one year deal that could be worth up to 5 million plus incentives. This is one of the best moves Sweeney has made as the GM because this year Chara, 41, still can play. Chara can earn an extra 1.75 million in incentives in his 21st NHL season. He has found the fountain of youth and he is still one of the best defensemen in the NHL. 5 million for a number one defenseman​ who has given his life to this franchise is pretty reasonable.
Chara must be on some TB12 diet or something because the man has continued to keep his game at a high level. The captain has been out for some time now with an injury but is eyeing a return against Tampa Bay on Thursday night. That game will be the biggest game of the year so far, for the B’s so you can bet Chara wants to be playing in that one.
Chara also​ hasn’t just been one of the best defensemen​ in the league, he’s been teaching a young stud and partner Charlie McAvoy since McAvoy stormed into the league last spring. This is one of the biggest contracts for a veteran on the other side of their prime and he’s still doing it in his early 40’s. The Bruins probably built this contract on incentives and threw a little extra money in there to please the 21-year​ veteran. This was a good deal for both sides as Chara keeps performing and teaching the youth as the B’s dish some money to him in return for all he’s done. This probably isn’t even the last deal for Chara and the B’s but it is just safer for the Bruins to continue offering one-year​ deals and when he’s done he can just walk away no questions asked.
Chara brings some other things that probably go unseen to the normal fan. He brings a toughness factor, intimidation factor and he brings leadership to this team since Thorton left. It warms my heart knowing that this 6-foot-9, 41-year-old​ captain will be unloading his 107 miles​ per hour slap shot next year and hopefully years to come.

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