Crunch Time in Kansas City

The panic button is glowing, and #chiefskingdom is pretty close to hitting it.

While our offense has been rejuvenated under a young sophomore QB in Patrick Mahomes, and maintains threats Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, and newcomer Sammy Watkins, who produced well for the Rams last season, that’s about all the positive news I can give.

Saying our defense needs work is an understatement. We let players like Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson go in Free Agency, while trading Marcus Peters (!!) to the Rams for some picks and another cornerback. And before I get burnt at the stake for not mentioning it, I’ll say it here: I KNOW ERIC BERRY IS COMING BACK. He’s A) the heart of the Chiefs defense and B) my favorite Chief of all time. So yeah, I’m well aware of him and what he does for the team. But a safety can’t lead a team to victory for 16 games.

We re-signed some notable names like Dustin Colquitt, De’Anthony Thomas, and Jarvis Jenkins. Only one of those names listed is a defensive player (Jenkins), and he only recorded 7 tackles and 1 sack in 11 games played. He’s not exactly JJ Watt. If we have any hope of taking the AFC West for the third consecutive year, we need to use what picks we have and draft some productive defensive players. Some examples of players we could benefit from are Kendrick Norton from Miami, who recorded 26 tackles, two sacks, and one batted pass in his Junior season. Also on my list appears Christian Campbell, a CB from Penn State, who recorded 45 tackles with 12 broken passes with 1 interception. He has that nice 6′ frame that allows him to guard taller, stronger receivers. He could line up with eventual Peters replacement Kendall Fuller.  A last defensive thought goes to Jerome Baker, an outside linebacker from Ohio State. He put up respectable numbers, with 72 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and one forced fumble. He could help the edge rush game and ease some weight off of Justin Houston’s shoulders.

At this rate, the Chiefs defensive side of the ball is throwing some red flags of its own. Andy Reid and Co. have always done well in the late rounds of the draft, so by the off chance they read this article, take note of the prospects above. I’m anxious to see how well our offense performs without Alex Smith and Matt Nagy, but I’m more concerned about how our defense is going to hold off the offensive juggernauts it’ll have to play.

Get your tomahawk chops ready, #chiefskingdom. It’s gonna get bumpy.


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