We Are Heartbroken To Report That Missing Marine, Joey Brancato, Was Believed To Be Found Off A Massachusetts Highway, Deceased.

I will keep this short.

It is with heavy hearts that we bring this news to you on this Thursday afternoon. After months of searching, friends and relatives of Joe now have the toughest closure pill to swallow.

As we reported a few months back, Joe was a marine recruit who went missing after living with his recruiter. Months passed and no news on the whereabouts of the 21 year old. Now, I am sure the investigation will be continuing for a while, but the main suspect still seems to be the recruiter who Joey was living with. Plenty of rumors have been popping up about motive, but it’s just not right to speculate on something like this.

Last night it popped up on the news that there was a body found on the side of some Massachusetts highway. I think people were holding their breath when seeing it, with some eerie feeling of what it very well could have been. That feeling was all but confirmed today when WCVB Boston reported that police believe the body to be that it Joe Brancato.

Joe was getting himself collected, moving forward with his dreams. It’s hard to see someone who worked their balls off to get themselves in a position to succeed, just to see someone take it all away.

I just wanted to get this bit out there to let people know that Joe has been found. Now hundreds will gather in his memory, no doubt, while more information is gathered regarding the terrible situation. 
Here’s to Joe. 




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  1. This is such a sad story. This young man lived on the next street over from me. Joey and my kids grew up together. Thank you for covering this story with care.

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