Gruden Made a lot of Friends Today With This Off-season Move

Alright, if you can’t tell I was being completely sarcastic. In fact, Gruden more than likely made a lot of enemies with Raider faithful all over the country. What move did he make that could lead to this? Well, the Raiders released their infamous punter Marquette King.

King was known for bringing life to the game of football and he did a lot of things that normal kickers and punters wouldn’t do, like pick up a flag then throw it to the ground in a dance move. He was doing everything he could “for the brand” as Pat McAfee would say.

Not only did he bring that swag that Raider fans loved, but if we’re being honest, he was one of the best punters in the game. He averaged 47.4 yards per punt this past year which was good for 6th in the NFL and put 28 of his 69 total punts inside the 20.

Another reason this move probably ruffled some feathers is that he’s been a Raider his entire career. I mean, yeah it’s only 5 or 6 years but when you’ve been apart of an organization for that long you start to build connections not only with players but with front office staff and fans everywhere.

It’s not like this move could be justified by saying “well if freed up a lot of cap space.” The guy only had about a $3M cap hit for next season. Gruden probably has a lot of explaining to do with this move and quite frankly I want to know why he released him and I’m not even a fan.

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Photo: Marquette King


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