Patriots Trade Brandin Cooks

The New England Patriots traded Brandin Cooks and a fourth-round pick for the Rams first round pick and a sixth-round pick. This deal seemed to come out of nowhere for the casual fan but some people could see this trade coming.

Cooks, 24, had 65 receptions for over 1,000 yards this year with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Cooks to fans seemed to underperform in the big moments. He did have 7 touchdowns on the year and did have an impact on this team but I think it’s not as big of a loss as people think.

Brady still threw for 500 yards in the Superbowl against arguably the best defense in the league without Cooks. The offense should be completely fine without him as it does appear Gronk will be coming back and Edelman will be returning as well. The Patriots didn’t lose the Superbowl because of the offense, they lost because of the defense. These draft picks that they just got shouldn’t be going to Odell and they should be made on either a young QB or on the defense.

Fans are going to go crazy trying to get Odell here but here’s the thing, he isn’t coming here. The Pats don’t want to give up two picks for the diva wide receiver. He wants to get paid and if you think the Pats are going to pay this kid you are out of your mind. With all of OBJ’s baggage, Bill wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole.

But enough of that talk I’m here to talk about Cooks. Cooks was on his Fifth-year team option in his contract and I don’t believe that they would have signed him to an extension after this year. He would have been too much money for what he does in this offense. All he did was take the top off the defense and yes he was great at it but that’s not the Patriots game. They like to have the ball in the middle of the field and have some solid role players on the outsides. Like Hogan and Mitchell are solid options on the outside with Gronk and Edelman in the middle. Cooks would have been walking at the end of the year so this is a great trade. They got a first-round pick in which they could draft some help on defense. This is a move for the future as they could draft a QB or a young WR at this pick as well. In Bill’s mind, he made a profit on this trade. He got up 9 spots from last years draft and if all the hype is true about this draft, it should be a good one. The Patriots have 5 picks in the first 100 and that is outstanding as long as Bill can get the right players. The last time the Patriots had two first-round picks they drafted Hightower and Chandler Jones, and we can safely say those two are pretty good players. Also, with one of these picks, he will be drafting a QB. From all of the QB’s that he has drafted, minus Brady, all of them have been before pick 100. This should be an exciting draft to watch and see what the New England and Bill Belichick will do.

Photo: USA Today


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