The Gronkowski Rumor Mill

Immediately following New England’s loss in Super Bowl 52, drama surrounding Rob Gronkowski and his football future have been the talk of the town. In the days to follow, there was outrage about Malcolm Butler being benched and a bit of panic regarding Gronk’s post game comments. When asked about the possible consideration of retirement, Gronkowski answered by saying he was going to take time to reflect with friends and family, but wouldn’t give a definitive answer about his plans for the 2018 season.

It’s been just about two months since that night, and since then there has been no shortage of drama and speculation involving the Patriots. A few days ago, ESPN’s Jeff Darlington reported that Rob was almost certain he’d be returning to the New England Patriots which sparked a collective sigh of relief from a good portion of the Patriots faithful. However, this morning, we received the latest installment of this soap opera.

This morning, WEEI’s Ken Laird broke the news that Rob Gronkowski is about to be traded.

This tweet gained national attention fast. First thought that came to my mind was, “Oh man this is might be the straw that breaks the camels back…” People are already pissed with the recent decisions of Bill Belichick that we will not dive into, but it’s no secret. Then, I thought, “I doubt the Krafts would sign off on this.” Robert Kraft has gone on record saying he puts full faith in Bill’s personnel decisions, but a player of Gronkowski’s caliber can’t be something he gets full say over.

For about an hour I was playing all these scenarios in my head. Would he be traded before the draft for an early first round pick? Maybe this means the Patriots were considering drafting one of the many quarterbacks in this class… After all it is almost time to find a successor. I was so confused and honestly stressed. As if any of my ideas or issues with this made any difference at all. If that was the case, Jimmy Garoppolo would still be wearing #10 for the Patriots. Even my dad texted me about it. It’s been a rough morning.

And then, I realized… It’s fake.

OH YEAH. ALL FAKE. And my stupid self fell for it. I’m not a fan of WEEI, never have been but especially after Alex Reimer’s “pissant” reference to sweet little Vivianne Brady, count me out of that. So, I did my research. Apparently this is a running joke from the Kirk & Callahan show… Breaking ridiculously fake news or extremely hot takes just to get a rise out of the masses.

So, here I am, mad at myself that I fell for it but also giving credit to these goofballs. I can only imagine the amount of people who did just what I did and slammed their fist on the panic button at the very SIGHT of said tweet. We’re two days removed from April Fools, and being as gullible as I am I think I was able to fend off a good majority of pranks or fake news that circulated. However, not anymore. This one got me. I’m not surprised that I fell for it, just disappointed in myself. One day I’ll learn to not believe everything I read. Maybe.

Let my mistakes be a lesson to you, my dear readers.


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