Bob McNair Regrets Apology for “Inmates Running the Prison” Comment

Last year, Houston Texans owner, Bob McNair had a comment comparing NFL players to “inmates running the prison.” Now he says that he regrets even apologizing for that comment.
He went on to tell the Wall Street Journal that he felt he did nothing wrong in the first place and that he should have never apologized. He claims he was pressured into apologizing from the rest of the league. McNair continues to say that he never meant to call the NFL player the “inmates” but rather the higher up NFL executives. He felt these executives have more power than the owners and he felt that couldn’t happen.
McNair claims that he did nothing wrong and that that the comments he made at the league meeting was out of context. He also thinks that if people in the meeting were offended by what he said then they didn’t understand what he was saying. He then goes on to put some of the blame on the public. “In business, it’s a common expression. But the general public doesn’t understand it.”
He then denied what former LT Duane Brown said to PFT last year.
McNair has a lot of criticism swirling around him at this time because of these comments and the fact that he wouldn’t let any Texans kneel during the National Atheme. McNair did comment and say that he feels that Politics should be kept off the field. This, however, may make the players even madder and make their​ comments even stronger. Players might now be more outspoken about issues and that could affect McNair does business. Players might not want to play in Houston because of these comments and it could cause the players to want out of Houston. This is huge news for football and we will see if any other owners or Rodger Goodell will comment on this.

Photo: USA Today


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