Apparently Packers WR Trevor Davis Didn’t Know Bomb Jokes Aren’t Funny

There’s two things that don’t go together in today’s society and that would be bomb jokes and airports. Apparently, Trevor Davis had to learn this lesson the hard way.

It came out earlier this morning that the Packers WR was arrested at the Los Angeles airport LAX after making a crude bomb joke while going through routine security checks. states in an article that, “Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Davis and a female friend were checking in at the Hawaiian Airlines counter at LAX when an attendant asked standard security questions about their luggage. Davis apparently thought that would be a good time to jokingly ask the woman he was with, “Did you remember to pack the explosives?” The woman reportedly said “no” and tried to get Davis to stop, at which point he said he was “just kidding.”

According to the same article, the officers wouldn’t take Davis’s word for it (that he was kidding) and charged him with making criminal threat. What did this guy think was going to happen? That everyone was going to laugh at it and move on?

There’s a lot of thing I see that end up not surprising me that it happened but I can honestly say this surprised me. It’s surprising that someone actually thought it would be funny to make a bomb joke in an airport in this day and age and get away with it. Good going dude.

Picture: Trevor Davis


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