Earth to the Yankees: the Season Has Started

Before it all began, new manager Aaron Boone told his club. “Believe the hype.” Aaron Boone alarmed his team that “All eyes will be on you this upcoming season,” well it looks like that scared off some of the players so far. The Yankees stand at a 5-5 record and are in third place in the American League East right now, a division that was sure to be theirs with no issue right? Wrong! The Boston Red Sox did not want to just “Believe the hype,” instead, they created a hype of their own and decided to start their 2018 season 8-1 and at the top of the American League East. The Yankees are not in a position to be babied; they suck, and coming from a Yankee fan, this is not easy or hard to write.

Attacking the snake at the head, Giancarlo Stanton has been an absolute bum, to say the least. Whats worse than 0-6 with 4 strikeouts and being booed by your home crowd you ask? Doing it twice in a row only extending it to 0-7 with 5 strikeouts. Stanton has yet to realize that his 2018 seasonĀ and career with the Yankees has started. Some people actually look at his three home runs as a miracle because of how bad he is doing otherwise. Clutch situations used to be a breeze for Stanton because of his ability to hit the long ball, now pitchers would rather walk the batter before him just to face him.

Speaking of the batter before him, Aaron Judge has been hitting for average this season, but only sits with two home runs and 0 clutch hits but a whole lot of strikeouts. Aaron Judge might be one of the most un-clutch baseball players today. When the Yankees need a home run or just a big hit, Judge is not the man you want at the plate if you’re a Yankee fan. Aaron Judge may have hit 52 homers last season, but tell me, how many of those were to take the lead? How many of those came when the Yankees really needed it? Less than 40% that’s how many. The combination of Judge and Stanton was supposed to be the scariest thing the world has ever seen since horror movies, instead, it’s just starting out to be another two and three-hitter combo.

How about that Yankee bullpen, I’m sure they are still as dominant as they were last season right? Wrong again. The Yankee bullpen has cost the team four victories. Four times the Yankees had a lead and the bullpen coughed it right up. The strongest branch on the tree of New York is broken right now and it needs to be fixed before anything else. When the game is close, the Yankee bullpen would come in and cut any hope the other team might have, now, teams would rather see the bullpen.

The rest of the Yankees are not safe either. The only players that are given a pass are Didi Gregorius, Luis Severino, and Aroldis Chapman. Didi has come through time and time again for this Yankee team, but he can’t be the only one producing. Luis Severino and Aroldis Chapman are the only two pitchers right now that have touched the mound and have been lights out. The “Bronx Bombers,” are not deserving of their famous title right now. The so-called “hype,” is fading and it’s fading fast. The season has only just begun that is true, but also, the season has begun and some Yankees haven’t shown up yet. The Yankees will fly to Boston to see the previously mentioned first place and red-hot Red Sox and they aren’t going in the way Yankee fans would like them too. This series is huge and if there was ever a time for the Yankees to wake up, it starts Tuesday in Fenway Park.



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