Pedro Martinez Weighs in on Sox-Yankees Brawl

The GOAT has spoken.

Exactly 20 years to the day that Pedro Martinez first took the mound for Boston, the now-Hall of Famer did what he often does: he weighed in on a current MLB situation, namely, the massive brawl in last night’s Sox-Yankees game.

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Martinez knows a thing or two about fighting with the Yankees. After all, his fight with Karim Garcia and Don Zimmer in 2003 is legendary rivalry lore.

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One comment on “Pedro Martinez Weighs in on Sox-Yankees Brawl”
  1. I was there off behind home plate on the third base side about 40 rows up. I could not believe what was coming out of my mouth. The 30 years of BS came out. That game was almost a war. An groundskeeper temp got blind-sided by the POS Yankees bullpen. I saw Zimmer before everyone else did (other than Pedro) coming towards him in front of the Sox dugout. I’ll I said out loud at the time was; “Down goes Zip-Zimmer!!!”

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