The Ray Allen Revenge Tour Starts Sunday

Every playoff series has its storylines, and there’s a bunch in the first round of the playoffs for the Celtics. The most interesting, however, is one that no one is talking about. The last time the Bucks won a playoff series was the 2000-2001 season. Their best player that year? Ray Allen. It’s hard to imagine anyone rooting harder against the C’s in their opening round matchup than Allen. Not only that, but the Bucks also have 96 year old Jason Terry, who the Celtics signed to replace Allen after he left for Miami.

If I were the Bucks, I would beg and plead with Allen to be the honorary team captain for every damn game, or at least the ones played in Milwaukee. As a young team, you’ll take anything you can get, even if it’s your opponent being haunted by the ghost of a player who felt wronged.

Now, you may argue that there’s no players left on the Celtics who actually played with Allen or Terry, but that’s not the point. It’s the fact that there is some history and some real bad blood between Allen and the team. You would think that having the team who drafted him(ok, they acquired him in a draft day trade, but you know what I mean) beating the team that still doesn’t forgive him for leaving would be pretty sweet for Ray.

The basketball Gods may just settle the Jesus Shuttlesworth vs Celtics feud during this series, because, as Rasheed would say, Ball Don’t Lie.

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