Daryl Worley’s Stint with the Eagles Didn’t Last Long

The Daryl Worley era in Philly has ended before it even started. The Eagles traded Torrey Smith for the cornerback this offseason and before he could even get started with the organization, they released him due to a series of unfortunate events.

It was reported by Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) that Daryl Worley was arrested near the Eagles team facility and the whole event leaves you with that thought, “what the hell?” 911 was called early in the morning at 6 AM due to a parked car in the middle of a highway that was blocking traffic. Turns out, that was Daryl Worley’s car and he had passed out in his car, in the middle of the highway. When the cops showed up, it was stated that Worley became “combative” and was then tased by the officers and arrested. The officers then found a gun on the scene, I’m assuming it was in the car and then Worley was taken away.

Not too long after all of this broke the news, the Eagles came out and said that they had released the CB.

Not only has he been released from the team. but he now has a few charges against him. According to NBC Sports, these charges include, “driving under the influence, disorderly conduct, a violation of the uniform firearms code and related offenses as a result of the incident.” In another article on Philly.com it states, “the charging document lists resisting arrest and “possession of an instrument of crime with intent” among those other offenses.”

So not only is he unemployed at the moment, but he has some pretty serious charges against him.

Photo: Daryl Worley


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