Some NFL Writers Are Going Full Max Kellerman With Their “Brady Not Confirmed For 2018” Stories -@WTPscotch

This is absolutely insane that I have to wake up, get to work making sure that all our orders for WTPsports are sent out on time, continue production of the billion other orders we got last night, and read that Tom Brady is “not confirmed” for coming back in 2018.

I thought that Max Kellerman was the only bumbling idiot that would constantly say Brady’s time is up, every year, after every sub Hall Of Fame performance, but apparently I was wrong.

A few massive click bait articles popped up today saying that Tom Brady wasn’t “necessarily” confirmed for coming back in 2018. Are you kidding me? I get that football news is slow right now since the OBJ stories have cooled off, but really? You decide the the angle to take is one where Brady “isn’t quite confirmed” for 2018? Wow, hell of a journalistic take.

We could see these articles pop up every offseason for any player, at any time. To feel that you are actually reporting news of something like this is utter BS. You have to know going into writing this garbage that you’re only in it for clicks, shares, and comments coming back to you. At least openly admit that.

This Brady “news” is not news. Not even in the slightest. It’s clickbait. Not even going to entertain the thought of Brady not coming back because it’s non existent. Tom Brady may be nearing the end of his career, but for the love of God, can we stop with the speculative garbage you people call journalism?



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