The World Cup Is Less About Soccer And More About Betting This Year For The United States Population

Im going to come straight out and say it; I am pissed that the United States is not in the The World Cup this year. Listen, I am not a huge soccer guy. One might actually say i hate soccer. But what I do love is the god damn United States of America. So any timeI get the chance to watch a US team compete, I get a patriotic tingle and I cant help but watch.

I think that may be the majority consensus around the country. We hate soccer, but love the USA. Its just how it is. We have baseball, football, hockey, and basketball holding down the main slots with a myriad of other things I would rather watch instead of a bunch of guys run around on a field that’s way too big for its own good. But I digress… this website doesn’t revolve around what sports I like and what sports I don’t like, it revolves round the fans and thats what i’m here for.

SO without further adieu, here are the teams to look for and i’ll throw in a little betting advice for those who don’t care about the World Cup, and only care about the money they can make.

As I’m told by one of our soccer guys, each team has a unique style of play, with rosters that are absolutely stuffed with stars. Here. I’ll throw in this link of what the pros think about what teams will be your Cash Cows , for free, because  I love you. 

Argentina… Lionel Messi… obviously there is no bad bet to place against that dude. I don’t really have to explain why. Even someone who hates soccer (me) can peek at that dude’s highlights and be impressed. Add in these dudes who our soccer bro Sheehan mentioned, Sergio Aquero and Paulo Dybala, and you have yourself a pretty safe bet. Brazil is not just for the best booty in the world, no, no, no. Brazil can play soccer as well, in case you didn’t already know that or something. Despite getting it pushed in on the big stage the last time Brazil had a chance to win something major, they’re a pretty solid bet this time around. Then again, they were last time too. Neymar (if available) is a stud. Philippe Coutinho, Willian, Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Jesus, and several others make them a pretty solid threat, per usual.

I am told France is absolutely stacked with stars, which is weird because I am honestly surprised they haven’t already surrendered their bid for the world cup. Ryan Sheehan, one of our soccer guys, says “Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe, Ousmane Dembele, and many others will absolutely dominate the midfield and attack.”
Germany is boss as well. Experience gives them a leg up. Ryan said “ Toni Kroos and Mesut Ozil should be able to dominate the midfield while Leroy Sane, Timo Werner and Andre Schurrle can cause havoc on the attack.”
So here is where we can get into the betting a bit for the people who are not so much interested in soccer.


Since we are here to make you money in this case,  Betting Top 10 has the best lines if you’re looking for betting. One of our guys came across them and used them for like 3 or 4 of their personal bets and went undefeated. All we can do is give the fans the rundown with our opinions, and then toss in some people who do this shit professionally.

Overall, I think the world cup is going to be less about the soccer and more about the betting this year for the United States population. Soccer just isn’t big here, there’s really nothing that can be done for that. But what you can do is cash in on the games, even if you’re not a fan. These guys are crazy good athletes so while you’re making your money, at least you can admire that.




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