Tuukka Rask steals a game in Toronto

Last night the Boston Bruins battled the Toronto Maple Leafs in game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It was a very close matchup throughout the whole game but there was one thing that put the Bruins over the edge.


Rask was making big save all over the ice while the B’s struggled to get any sustained offense. They would get a few decent shifts but nothing that was creating any big chances. The refs kept the whistle in their pocket for the whole game and it was great to see. It was just two young powerhouses battling it out to see who would come out victorious.

With Bergeron out of the lineup with an upper body injury it has the team and the fans worried because this guy plays through everything. It must be a concussion or something kind of serious if he couldn’t go in almost a must win game. Since Bergy was out Nash stepped up and Wingles stepped in the line up to fill the space. The first line was its usual self out there and Marchy and Pasta connected on a 2 on 1 to put the Bruins up 2-1 in the third. After that the Leafs came with some pressure of their own. Rask wasn’t having any of it as he saved 30 out of 31 shots he faced through the entire game. Also the Bruins blocked a lot of shot in the third period. Wingles was blocking shots left and right and when he comes to the bench the team is congratulating him. It’s something about this team that they will put their body’s on the line for one another. It has the making to be something special.

The Leafs were bringing pressure but the Bruins weren’t backing down. Rask was seeing everything and was determined not to let another go by him. As Rask was on fire the Bruins got another chance and playoff Krejci hit Jake Debrusk to put the Leafs away and put the Bruins up 3-1 in the game and in the series. This was a big game for the Bruins as the head back to Boston in an elimination game for the Maple Leafs.

Bergeron did skate this morning in an optional skate and he isn’t ruling out a return for hopefully the last game of the series. The Bruins play Saturday night at 8 in the Garden. Rask came up huge in game 4 let’s see if he can again in game 5 when the Leafs have Kadri back.

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