Cowboys DL David Irving’s Twitter gets Hacked With Some Serious Allegations

You want to talk about stuff you’d rather not wake up to, well I think this one would win by far. It appears that Cowboys player David Irving’s twitter got hacked and the hacker is now posting accusations that could end his career and change his life.

While nothing has really come out either backing these accusations or denying them, the hacker says they have evidence to prove all of this with “pictures, video, audio etc.” David Irving did post on his facebook page blaming the rants on his ex-girlfriend according to an article posted on

Take a look at these tweets from his account after being hacked:

There were also tweets saying, “David Irving going to jail, say goodbye to his football career.” and another saying, “domestic vilance (violence) again.”

If this is true, he joins the ranks of the other scumbags in the NFL but if it’s not true, this is a sick joke that could end his career. I’m sure more from this will come out later but as of now, it doesn’t look good for David Irving.

Picture: David Irving


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