Meek Mill is Free

Gather your friends. Gather your family. Gather anyone in damn sight. We have some breaking news: Meek Mill is finally free from prison. Meek Mill has spent the past five months wrongfully in jail. After months of love, support, and prayers from fans everywhere, the day has finally come where Meek can walk a free man.

All I can say now is watch out to the rest of the NBA. Philly is already a tough team to play against. Now they have their number one fan back, they will be almost impossible to play against. Philly has a series-clinching game in Philly tonight against Miami. If Meek is there, I promise you that that building will explode, literally. There will be a zero percent chance the Miami Heat walk out of Philly the same tonight. Moving forward, whether it’s Boston or Milwaukee next round, good luck. As a Boston fan, I would not be looking forward to going up against the 76ers, especially in Philly.

God Bless all of Philly and 76ers fans everywhere. This is your day. Congrats to you, Meek. This was long overdue. I hope your team can get you a win tonight, because it’s only right.

Photo via Twitter


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