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Tom Brady went out and liked an instagram post today. Not just any post, but a post showing the Eagles’ SB trophy with legendary legend Sylvester Stallone.

Now Sly is definitely something that I can be on board with liking, won’t lie, but I think Brady feels the same way everyone feels about the Super Bowl, and not to mention i badly needed something to blog about tonight. So here it goes.

eagleWho cares at this point. Ya, there were some highly questionable calls that were admittedly, by the NFL, messed up by officials that would have changed the outcome. Ya, the most insufferable fan base in sports got a super bowl victory to celebrate. Ya, we had to watch the Patriots lose and have people call Brady not the greatest because he lost (wack). But still, I think that people don’t really care as much on the Patriots end. We have been tortured from other losses for years, decades even. This one just seems different.

I was mad the night of the game. Maybe the next day. But I’m over it, and so is just about everyone. So i think this Brady like is just the icing on the cake. It’s just putting it in stone that the patriots fans, not even the most competitive man in the game, cared that much about this loss. Then again, here i am writing about it, giving it the time of day. But I’m just doing it so that we can put this thing to bed officially.

Congrats, Philly. You got Tom Brady to not care.

(worries if Tom Brady is losing his super competitive edge)

(reminders theres no way that happens)

(hopes the second thought is right)



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