Whats’s in the water in Boston? Nothing, we’re just Pissed

Boston, a city of champions. A city full of people who want their coffee made right, their paper delivered on time, and most of all, their sports teams to be number one. Right now, all of Boston sports is at the top. The three seasons we are in right now have nothing but Boston written all over them. Where to begin? Do we head to the court and talk about the dominance of Brad Stevens’ Boston Celtics? Maybe we should cover the bad boy Bruins and their bullying of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Tough choices when you have to remember the Boston Red Sox are 17-3 and on top of the baseball world right now. What is going on? How is this possible? I’ll tell you, its because the league pissed us off.

Let’s start with the baseball diamond. On paper, Boston Red Sox came into this season second to the Yankees. The Yankees had brought in the biggest bat in baseball last season and he joined the second-biggest bat in baseball (Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge). Reporters everywhere had the Yankees being the toughest team to beat and the most dangerous team. This angered the back to back American League East champions. This angered players like Rafael Devers who may be young (21) but made a name for himself at the end of the season last year and is continuing that tear this season. This angered players like Hanley Ramirez who came to this team a few seasons ago to fill in for David Ortiz when he retired. Hanley has come to bat big this season and does not look like he will be cooling down any time soon. This really angered a special star named Mookie Betts. Mookie is still a little salty that he was not the MVP two years ago and lost to Mike Trout. Mookie has come into 2018 with a point to prove, having multiple multiple-homer games and 3 leadoff home run games since the team hit the road last week. The Red Sox didn’t like the idea of being backseat to anyone, let alone their biggest rival the New York Yankees. An angry Red Sox team is not a team to be messed with.

Moving to the Garden. The Boston Celtics are just as angry if not angrier than the Sox. How many times did the sports world hear that the Celtics season is over now that both Kyrie and Hayward will not return for the postseason? Brad Stevens was not allowing it. Jaylen Brown has emerged as the all-star and captain of this Celtics team. Brown has been nothing less than magnificent for the Boston Celtics this postseason and continues to dominate his opponents. Al Horford has been the veteran that this team needs to succeed. A team full of young kids and here is their leader. “Average Al,” is no longer a thing. Horford is not getting the credit he deserves and he, along with his team, is fine with that. Continue to doubt the team, the same way people want to doubt Jayson Tatum. Jayson Tatum was thrown into a role very early in the season. When Hayward went down, the question of who was going to take his spot was up in the air, until Tatum turned on the jets. Jayson Tatum has the same exact hunger as Kyrie Irving. The two came from Duke University, a school coached by one of the greatest coaches of all time (Coach Krzyzewski). Coach K brings out the best in players. Kyrie made himself when he came to the NBA. Nobody showed Kyrie the ropes, he took what he learned at Duke and brought it to the NBA. Jayson Tatum took what he unleashed at Duke and brought that to Brad Stevens and Coach Stevens couldn’t nor would he want to tame the beast Tatum showed him.

Last but not least, the bastard Bruins. The team that “doesn’t stand a chance against Tampa or Pittsburgh.” The team that is not as skilled as their counterparts. The team that continues to shut people up. They just beat the Maple Leafs in 7 games. The Marchand, Bergeron, and Pastrnak continue to prove that they are the best line in the league. Last game we saw Riley Nash step on the line with Marchand and Pastrnak because of an upper-body injury by Bergeron but still held his own and helped the team to a win. Tuukka Rask has been nothing less than a brick wall this postseason. Must be because a lot of people kept saying how he is their biggest concern this playoff. The Boston Bruins are playing with such anger and aggression it’s scary to see teams try against them.

Boston is not a city you want to piss off. Right now, all of our teams are angry with the leagues they play in and that should be a very scary thought to other teams. Continue to piss us off, continue to doubt us, and we will continue to prove everyone wrong.



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