The Patriots Aren’t Falling Apart, But They Are Trolling Their Own Fans And That’s Kinda Crappy -@WTPscotch

Everything that has come up since that Wickersham article has been crazy. Between the early reports of Kraft and Belichick hating each other, to Gronk saying he will retire, and Brady saying he pleads the 5th when asked if the Patriots appreciated him. It’s all a huge joke. Not for the fact that it’s happening, but for the fact that they can’t just get it together publicly for the sake of their fans. We get it, you all hate the rest of the NFL, that’s great, but Patriots fans have stuck with them through scandals, suspensions, blown games, etc., they don’t deserve to have the garbage that they’re being fed.

Let me preface by saying that the following two players are two guys I love to watch, and respect like crazy. But the following two guys are big examples of why the team isn’t falling apart, but how some of the guys are putting themselves ahead of the fans who supply their income:

1. Tom Brady: shut the hell up with the “pleading the 5th” nonsense. You know damn well you’re appreciated. Your organization literally brought 5 baby Goats out for your birthday this year to share them with the fans who showed up for a practice to see you. Not to see anyone else, literally they came to see you. So shut up, play the game, or retire. I will hate life when you retire, but this underappreciated stuff is trash, and everyone knows it. But you could have answered with “I am appreciated here just like all our players are”, but you chose to stir the already churned garbage stew because you felt like it. Fake New England fans are about to stop reading this article and be butt hurt about me telling Brady to stop being a baby, but actual fans will completely agree.

2. Gronk: we told everyone early on that Gronk was confirmed coming back. Shocker, here he is. But again, Gronk played this out in such a childish way that it can’t be overlooked. He could have kept quiet and discussed contract options with management, but instead he went public to cause a scene. From who is he trying to get a reaction out of? Fans. If the fans back him, the team is more likely to sign for higher money. But again, the fans are the ones who feel that they’re being played with.

This article wont be popular in the NE area because there are way too many fake fans who are just fans because it’s easy AF, but it’s the truth. The fans don’t deserve what some of the star players are shoveling.




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  1. Wayne C says:

    If all the players hated the other NFL teams, why did SO MANY Patriot players bail outta town to other teams? In the past, some players would take pay cuts to stay here…..even fan (and Brady) fave Amendola, who chose to catch balls from whoever QB’s their sad team than finish his career here. I think the Pats are on the verge of losing their edge, but don’t worry, the best HC in the league is Belichick – with or without Brady. Brady needs to shut his face, the Pats are so well coached, they could win without him (they have and will)

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