Bruins Got Owned in Game 3, Could be Time to Bring in the Kid?

Last night, the Boston Bruins got dominated in game 3 by the Tampa Bay Lightning and the offense was disgusting. I would have rather watched Max Kellerman try to seem intelligent than watch that game last night. They couldn’t get anything going on offense and Marchand was nowhere to be found the past 2 games. Rask was pretty good and he was the only reason why this game was relatively close. The defense really didn’t do anything to help Rask and on occasion, they left him stranded on an island. I give no fault to Rask for this one and put it on the rest of the team, especially the forwards.

The first line tried to get something going but it always seemed the same, Marchy loses it along the boards or the shot is blocked and Tampa is running the other way. Jake Debrusk tried to get the second line going but it was no use as Rick Nash has been a no-show for most of the playoffs and Krejci just hasn’t been on his game. The fourth line we can’t expect much from other than to forecheck, put pucks on net and just body the other team to wear them out. They did their job but couldn’t find the back of the net to make this a more competitive game. The third line B-L-O-W-S and they have been terrible throughout the playoffs. Since injury, Riley Nash hasn’t been good at all and Heinen looks like he hit the rookie wall part 2. Backes is just getting old and there is really nothing more he can do other than set the tone and be an enforcer type player. The Bruins need to get some sort of secondary scoring and the rumblings have started with the kid again. Many fans around Boston want one thing and one thing only. Ryan Donato.

Ryan Donato has been a healthy scratch since game 2 of the first round and I have to say he was pretty much invisible the entire game. Now nobody expected him to put up 3 goals in that game but we would have liked to see some sort of play out of him. Well, it definitely could be time to put the kid in since the Bruins have struggled to find offense against Tampa the past 2 games. Donato brings a scorers mentality and he could snipe and change the course of the game in a second. The question is, where. do they slide him in the lineup? Do they scratch Heinen, Wingles/Schaller or somebody else? I think Bruce Cassidy should keep the fourth line the same because they have been one of the Bruins best lines this season and playoffs and he should scratch Heinen. By scratching Heinen, Bruce could put Donato where Heinen was or he could put him up next to Krejci and move Jake Debrusk down to the third line. I personally believe if Bruce brings Donato in he will have him on the third line because that third line has been putrid this whole series and they really need a spark. I think the second line will get enough chances that they don’t need Donato on there but if they get really desperate for goals then they move him up with Krejci and Nash. Krejci worked wonders with Donato next to him and it could be a viable option later down the road. Also, Jake Debrusk can help the third line out with his dogged determination. He can produce chances and he is responsible on defense.
Now I am not asking for Donato to have a Seguin like impact on the game, (if you don’t know during 2011 Seguin was scratched until the Tampa Series and he scored a hat-trick ), but we are looking for some sort of offensive production from the third line. So, IT IS TIME TO BRING THE BOSTON BOY IN. #Itsinourblood

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