Is David Price’s Injury Due to an Excessive Amount of Fortnite?

As if the Red Sox season last year could not get any crazier, 2018 may have already surpassed that. David Price’s mysterious injuries are flaring up once again, although this time it’s his hand rather than his elbow. 

The exact injury right now is being reported as mild carpel tunnel syndrome. For those unfamiliar with the injury, the symptoms are a numbness or pain in the hand, that then travels through the arm. Weakness in the muscles in the hand may also occur. 

So how does one get carpel tunnel syndrome? One way is a repeated motion that overextends the wrist or fingers (according to This can occur from texting, typing, or even playing video games for a long period of time.

Interestingly enough, the Boston Red Sox were one of many teams in the MLB to join the Fortnite trend in the beginning of spring training. Between many battle royale games in the clubhouse and specific Fortnite dances after getting on base, the Red Sox becoming big fans of the game within the game.

David Price was one of many Red Sox to jump on the Fortnite train. Price even did an interview in Spring Training explaining how the game has brought them closer together, and how he is one of the most frequent players of the game. 

“We play together at the field, at the hotel on the road or at home whenever we get home from the field. It’s something that’s kind of taken over.” said Price in a pre-season interview with the StarTribune. 

Now, a month into the season, David Price’s numbing sensation in his hand has returned and it is being diagnosed as carpel tunnel syndrome. Price has come out and said he and his teammates play sometimes for hours at a time. 

Could Fortnite really be the cause of Price’s injury? It’s not the craziest thing in the world. According to Price, this is something that has happened before, so we know he possibly could have already have issues with this syndrome. Even as kids, many of us will remember our parents telling us to stay away from video games and texting for too long. It isn’t the craziest thing in the world to assume David Price is dealing with this injury due in-part to playing Fortnite. 

If this is the case, this may be the most 2018 story of all-time. 

Photo: Boston Herald


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