David Price Just Gave Red Sox Nation Permission to Eat Him Alive

If I made a drinking game where I did a shot every time I said or thought, “his whole David Price thing is getting out of hand,” I’d have died last summer.

This week, Price is reaching peak levels of Price we didn’t even know existed. I wrote an article an hour ago about Pedro Martinez calling out starters for not being able to last longer than 5 innings. And here I am, back at it again, thanks to the most ridiculous of the Red Sox pitchers.

First, Price and Cora said that he was going to miss his start against the Yankees due to “mild” carpal tunnel syndrome. Okay, kind of weak sauce, but whatever. Most people in this day and age have CTS from using their phones/laptops/etc as often as we do.

Then, the topic of discussion shifted not from the weak excuse, but to the root cause of the problem. Could Price’s CTS have come from excessive video-game playing, namely Fortnite, the latest craze in video games? Price vehemently denied this, saying he’s been playing video games since 1997 and has never had problems before.

To that, I just have to say, you’re a lot older than you were over 20 years ago, sir. People slow down and feel aches and pains more as they age. But okay. Moving on, because it gets even more ridiculous.

Now, they’re taking the story in a completely different direction, claiming that Price’s allergies are to blame, not only for him missing this start, but also due to his dismal performance on Thursday, when he gave up 9 runs over 3.2 innings in the Sox’s eventual 11-5 loss to the Rangers.

On Sunday, he told WEEI, “My allergies were destroying me… I couldn’t see and I could barely breathe.”

This problem apparently dates back to his days with Tampa Bay, when his allergies apparently were caused by the laundry detergent the team used to clean the uniforms. Price’s uniforms had to be washed separately to solve the problem.

But MY LORD, people. What a ridiculous situation we have here. These reasons for Price not pitching well, or not pitching at all, are basic ailments that most people live with every damn day. And most people don’t get paid $32 million a year to play games. They suck it up and live their lives.

If Price was complaining about negativity before, he probably shouldn’t check Twitter until the team starts winning again. Because this is about as ridiculous as it gets.

Photo: Boston Globe


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