We’ve seen this before…

Hmmm..a # 11 spotted with a # 12, we’ve seen this before.

That “back up/bench guy” steps in and saves the season. A bit of a tongue twister and makes you think a bit, however, we’ve seen this before and know how it ends.

Flashback, about seventeen and a half years ago (I know, it’s crazy its been that long) when the man spotted on the left, escaped the pocket with just over five minutes to play in a tight 10-3 game when  all of a sudden, BOOM! Mo Lewis smoked Drew Bledsoe ultimately ending his Patriots career. We know how the story ends, a back up who wore #12 came in, proved the whole world wrong that year en route to the Patriots and Tom Brady’s first of five titles.

Fast forward to today, the Celtics were doomed with injuries this year but arguably the injury of #11 Kyrie Irving, the face of the franchise, in March, put a damper on the Celtics title hopes. But another backup, who also wears #12 by the name of Terry Rozier, has stepped in and helped anchor Boston all the way to the Conference Finals and rejuvenating the belief that the Celtics CAN win a title despite the loss of a star player.

Now, now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Terry Rozier isn’t on the same hill as Tom Brady with his records and his five Super Bowl rings and one was a first round pick while the other was a sixth, however, it’s a similar movie we’ve seen before, that ended in a title that specific year.

People always say history repeats itself, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Believe in Boston.


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