Don’t Celebrate the Celtics Wins Just Yet

The Celtics are up 2-0 on LeBron and the Cavs, which is fantastic, but let’s not start celebrating just yet. The series is going to back to Cleveland, and it’s certainly possible that with the way the Celtics have played on the road, outside of game 3 against Philly, that it could be 2-2 coming back to Boston. If that’s the case, game 5 essentially becomes a game 7.

I’m obviously not saying that I think the Celtics are losing this series. Winning a game in which LeBron goes for 42-10-12 and Kevin Love goes for 22-15 was huge, and could totally break the back of this team. However, I don’t think it is impossible for the Cavs to rip off 4 straight wins and win in 6 games.

The Celtics have never lost a series when being up 2-0 in any series, but if anyone is going to break that streak, it would be LeBron.

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