ESPN To Air Special Feature On Whether Lebron James Hears Yanny or Laurel

ESPN will continue its love affair with Lebron James even in the wake of two tough losses to the Boston Celtics. This time, The Worldwide Leader in Sports will draw on a viral trend to support Lebron’s inherent greatness. They have just announced that they will be airing a special segment on SportsCenter which will go in depth on whether Lebron hears the word “Yanny” or Laurel”.

If you’re unfamiliar with the meaning behind those two words, please direct your attention to the following viral tweet:

Ha! Got you. I hope your parents weren’t around. If they were, well, I’m sorry. But you have to admit that got the heart pumping a little bit, right? Makes you feel alive. Anyway, here’s the real, original video.

This tweet took the Twittersphere by storm, sending users everywhere into a frenzy over which word they hear. Half of the population hears “Yanny”, while the other hears “Laurel”. I personally hear both, so I have the privilege of watching the world argue from afar. ESPN is taking full advantage of this internet trend, and will be using their most prized possession to make content out of it: Lebron James.

ESPN announced that they’ll be doing a 10 minute special a la “The Decision”, in which Lebron will sit down with NBA writer Brian Windhorst, who will ask Lebron a series of questions while giving him a sensual massage. As is customary with Windhorst’s interactions with Lebron, a happy ending will be provided. Windhorst’s idea, not Lebron’s. You jealous, Nick Wright?

The world will be waiting with bated breath to hear what audio frequencies Lebron hears. The special is set to air directly after the “Did Tom Brady Cheat on the SAT?” segment and before the “Tim Tebow: World’s Strongest Man” segment. Can’t wait!



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