The Boston Celtics own the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are falling apart as a team because of the Celtics. Now, just to clear this up, I am in no way saying this series is over. I firmly believe we will lose Game 3 then win 4 and 5 to wrap up the series at home, but the Celtics have so much real estate in Cleveland’s mind it’s becoming scary.

It all started this past offseason when the Kyrie Irving blockbuster went down. Danny Ainge traded Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the Brooklyn Nets 2018 1st Round Pick for Kyrie Irving. Kyrie wanting out of Cleveland shook up the dynamic of the team and took away Lebron’s best weapon, but they did receive some good pieces in return. After last nights Draft Lottery, we finally know what the deal was actually worth: The Cavs ended up with Larry Nance and Jordan Clarkson (For Isaiah Thomas), Ante Zizic, Rodney Hood and a 2nd round pick (For Jae Crowder), and the 8th overall pick in the NBA Draft. Now, I’m new to the whole NBA scene and this is the first season I’ve watched the Celtics in more than just the Playoffs, but even I know Kyrie is a top 10 player in the league and this was the biggest steal since the Brooklyn trade, which is what actually fueled this run and trade so thanks again!

So, this all led to an anonymous Cavs player today calling Danny Ainge a, “f—ing thief”

And he isn’t wrong in the slightest. Danny Ainge has pulled off two of the biggest heists of all time trading an old Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Kyrie Irving. I don’t know who let him get away with this, but they need to be fired.

Now let’s get to the playoff games. Before Game 1 started Marcus Morris was quoted saying that he was the best player in the league to guard Lebron outside of Kawhi. With Lebron James being 5-16 for 15 points in Game 1, I’d say Marcus backed that up pretty well too. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah here come all the Bronsexuals talking about ” but LEBRON DROPPED 40 AND A TRIPLE DOUBLE SO IT DOESN’T MATTER!” (This was an actual quote from the man @THEItalianD last night)

Last time I checked, a good stat line doesn’t mean you’re doing your team any favors. Marcus Smart leading a charge and forcing 15 turnovers in Game 2 proved just how much more effort the Celtics were putting in, and they rattled the Cavs. They rattled them so much, that JR Smith shoved Al Horford in mid-air after being down late in the fourth.

This is the kinda play that ends careers, and JR Smith almost had to pay for it via Marcus Smart.

If I’m The Cavs, personally I would try to avoid fighting anyone on the Celtics considering Marcus Smart and Marcus Morris could kill the Cavs roster alone not to mention that Markieff Morris has been spotted at the Garden quite often and would love to fight alongside his brother. This fight situation also had Ty Lue say that the Celtics are, “Gooning up the game.” and let’s be honest, if you’re main point in the post game press conference is you didn’t like the other team’s style of play or attitude, how focused are you really?

All these things paired with the eye rolls and head shaking pointed out by Jeff Van Gundy in last nights game, the Celtics own the Cavs and its very obvious. Going into the next game this Saturday, which by the way is an insane wait time but hey, gotta get Lebron his rest, how the Cavs will react. Because as of now, the Celtics are the not phased by anything and are playing as one of the most solid units in the NBA. If the Cavs want to stand a chance against the Celtics, they need to play as a team, and with Lebron on the floor we all know that’s not gonna happen.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from last nights action:



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