Don’t Blink Boston; We Are Witnessing The Greatest 20 Year Period The Sports World Has Ever Seen


I will proudly say I am the cockiest sports fan in the entire world (people close to me will agree), is it because I’m from Massachusetts and root for the greatest, most-dominant sports city in the universe? Probably. Is it because my whole time on this planet earth I’m constantly seeing titles and our teams being contenders year after year? Absolutely.

However, it wasn’t always sunshine’s and rainbows when it came to sports in Boston before the 2000’s. Gladly, I wasn’t really alive for it because honestly I may have died from a broken heart. The Celtics were really the only bright spot as the Patriots used to suck, the Red Sox would always choke, and the Bruins had their ups and downs, as always.

However, cockiness and arrogance aside, anyone outside of this city would agree with me that sports in this city are dominating their respective leagues and have been for just about two decades. Sure, the Sox, B’s and C’s all had down years, but when one sucked, one of the other teams was there to pick them up. I tweeted this yesterday:

Yes, I know, we only count championships in this city. However, 10 championships since 2001 is the most in the United States of the core four sports, only Los Angeles trails with nine titles since 2000. (And they have almost triple the teams than we have out there, but we won’t get into that)

The best part of all this? This dominance isn’t going away any time soon.

First, let’s start with the Patriots. Probably the “oldest” of the four sports but Tom Brady looks and is playing like he is 25, and as long as Billy B is still at the helm, you know this team will be there in the end.

The Bruins, the average age of this team has to be like 24 (I’d do the math but I’m way too lazy for that). Led with young stars like Charlie McAvoy, Brandon Carlo, David Pastrnak and Jake DeBrusk to mix with veterans, Boston can smell a Stanley Cup coming.

The Celtics, I mean really, what do I have to say? Brad Stevens is turning int the Bill Belichick of basketball. No Kyrie, No Gordon? No problem. Fueled by youth in Jaylen, Tatum, Rozier and Smart, the Celtics are two wins away from a NBA Finals berth and with superstars coming back and a lot of assets for Trader Danny to use, the Celtics look like their becoming a dynasty right in front of our eyes.

The Red Sox, ehh. They may be the most frustrating of the four but that’s the type of drama that goes into baseball today. That aside, the Red Sox with the pay roll they have and young talent graduating into Major League stars, they should be contenders every October for many years to come.

It’s been a blast watching football into late January and early February, it’s been great seeing the C’s and B’s get dominant again and play into the summer and although, it’s been some quick exits recently, the Red Sox have won three World Series in 13 years after not winning one in 86 years.

Smile Boston because this dominance isn’t ending any time soon.

Believe in Boston.



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