Celtics Response to Game 3 Will Define this Season

The Celtics are up in the Eastern Conference Finals 2-1, but things certainly do feel a lot different than they did before game 3. Two hundred sixteen days ago, the season was starting, and the Celtics were the favorite in the East. Then 5 minutes into the first game, Gordon Hayward broke his ankle. It was something that could’ve derailed the team, but they wouldn’t allow it to. They have dealt with a lot of adversity this season, from losing Hayward, to losing Kyrie, to losing Smart for a long stretch, even losing Daniel Thies changed some things about the team.

This season has not been defined by the adversity they have faced, however, it has been defined by the way they have responded to the adversity they’ve faced. They must come together and do the same thing tonight if they plan on keeping their season alive.

The season won’t be remembered for the best free agent to ever sign in Boston breaking his leg in the first game of the season, and it won’t be remembered for LeBron suddenly coming to life against the Celtics. It will be remembered for the way the team responded. Based on what we’ve seen from the Celtics this year, I fully expect them to respond with a great game tonight.

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