For Celtics, Game 5 is Game 7

The Celtics fought hard for the last 2.5 quarters and even made it pretty close at points. Unfortunately, they dug themselves such a big hole that they were not able to climb out and win game 4. The series now comes back to Boston for game 5, but, for Boston at least, it’s more of a game 7. The loser of game 5 needs to win 2 consecutive games, and I don’t see any way the Celtics win game 6 in Cleveland.

It’s a shame, with the way the Celtics played in games 1 and 2, that they’re in this position, but that’s what happens when you don’t show up for a game and a half on the road. We also should’ve seen this coming. We knew that, in order for the Cavs to win, their role players needed to play much better. Typically, role players play better at home and that’s what we’ve seen this series. The Cavs don’t absolutely have to win game 5, because, with LeBron James, they can win game 7 on the road. That leaves the pressure firmly on the shoulders of the Celtics Wednesday night.

It’s been a great season, and don’t expect the Celtics to quit whether or not they win game 5. I sure hope they win though, I know I’m not ready for this season to end just yet.

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