Stop Pretending There’s Nothing Going On With Tom Brady

There’s something going on with Tom Brady. You can try to pretend that what has happened this offseason doesn’t matter, but that just isn’t true. When is the last time he missed OTAs? When is the last time he wasn’t there for voluntary workouts? It’s been a long time since he won a parking spot, but he’s always been there when the team gets there. It’s one of the reasons we all said he was the best ever. It’s one of the things we pointed to when we talked about him being a guy who put the team over himself.

He’s had pretty much the same routine for 18 years, and now things have changed. I don’t like it. Now, because something is different, it doesn’t mean that he will be a different player this year. He could still come out and be the same Brady that we’re all used to seeing, but there’s no guarantee.

Only time will tell how the offseason will affect Brady, but it’s about more than just him. Having your best player buy in sets an example for the rest of the team that the coach simply would not be able to do on his own. Brady can say he’s committed and tell his teammates whatever he wants, but actions speak much louder than words, and his actions say that he is not as committed as he has been in years past.

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  1. Ray Pencosky says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, you’re right! Either there’s a power struggle in N.E. or Brady has issues w/ Ownership. Or Coach, or both! Either way…not good !

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