Robert Kraft Ready to Choose Brady Over Belichick

Robert Kraft has drawn a line in the sand. Based on what he’s been saying, when it comes time to choose(and it may come sooner rather than later), he will choose his quarterback over his head coach.

You need to look no further than his comments about Brady this week.

I’m sure Bill can’t be too happy that Kraft is openly supporting Brady not coming to OTAs, regardless of whether or not they’re voluntary. Everyone on the team is there except for your quarterback and tight end, arguably the two best players on the team. But forget about that, Belichick never talks about players who aren’t practicing with the team. He refuses to even mention their names, never mind say that they’re justified in not joining the rest of their teammates. Kraft has done both here, and it seems like a clear message to the head coach.

Mr. Kraft is right, however, it is an important time to spend with his family. It’s a good thing no one else on the team has any children, otherwise it’d be awfully hard to try to convince all of them to come to practice everyday.

One more thing to consider, Brady’s replacement was on the team last year, and Kraft encouraged him being traded away. Belichick’s replacement was about to take another job and Kraft convinced him to stay. Might just be a coincidence, but I think those two moves say volumes about where Kraft sees this franchise moving in the future.

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