How Can Someone Not Like Hockey?

Playoff hockey is the best hockey, and it’s also the best postseason of any professional sport. Every game is played with so much intensity and the players are more driven than ever. The fans flood the arenas inside and out ready to adamantly cheer on their favorite teams. To think there are actually people who don’t love this great sport. Maybe this post will convince them otherwise.

The Tampa Bay Lightning and the Washington Capitals faced each other in a pivotal Game 7, with a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals on the line. Neither team wanted to go home and they were both ready to compete. Needless to say, things got a little heated and tempers flared in Tampa between the two teams.

The Bolts 6’5″ defenseman Braydon Coburn got an unwanted souvenir from the Caps star Evgeny Kuznetsov, which he immediately tossed aside like a rag. The man going crazy is none other than the infamous Tom Wilson, who took exception to Coburn’s actions. Wilson wanted to tear his head off, and after the two served their two-minute penalties, he would get his chance to do just that.

Poor Braydon Coburn. He never stood a chance against the fiery Wilson, who absolutely unloaded a barrage of hay-makers to the Tampa Bay defenseman’s face. You have to give Coburn credit for dropping the gloves in the first place, but he was clearly outmatched. That being said, this was still a great scrap to watch in such an important game.

Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals are the Eastern Conference Champions for the first time in 20 years. On Monday night, they’ll play for the greatest trophy in sports against the remarkable Vegas Golden Knights. This will be one of the most exciting Stanley Cup Finals in years, and if you’re not interested in it, I feel sorry for you.

Photo: Sporting News Canada/Twitter



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