Reuben Foster is a Free Man

Loose lips sink ships. For San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, these words have never been more true. With one phone call from his now ex-girlfriend, his young and promising NFL career was in serious jeopardy, and his life was on the brink of being ruined.

It was domestic violence, one of the most sensitive topics in today’s world. Foster was accused of physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, after a verbal altercation, and once word of the alleged assault went public, all hell broke loose. Fans, analysts, and writers everywhere, myself included, were calling for Foster’s job. There’s no place for that sort of despicable behavior in the NFL.

Of course, we were all calling for Foster to be banned from the league before we knew all the facts. In today’s world, it’s crazy how quickly we will look at someone so negatively when they are being accused of an alleged sexual assault or domestic violence issue. Those accusations can ruin a person’s life, and it almost did for Reuben Foster.

Last Thursday, Foster appeared to be exonerated of the harsh accusations against him, when his ex-girlfriend testified at a preliminary hearing that the alleged assault never occurred. On the contrary, Ennis testified that she in fact assaulted Foster during an altercation, and that she basically lied about everything in an attempt to steal money and valuables from her ex-boyfriend and completely ruin his life. No one saw this coming, and apparently this wasn’t Ennis’ first rodeo with false accusations.

That’s right, Ennis actually fabricated a domestic violence incident with another ex-boyfriend back in 2011 because of a breakup. Most exes will delete photos, hook up with a rebound, or throw shade on social media. This despicable girl? She would prefer to tell the cops that you hit her, steal from you, and have you blacklisted for the rest of your life. Luckily for Reuben Foster, the guilt was too much for her to bare, and as of yesterday, he is a free man.

In a follow up court hearing, the judge working on Foster’s case deemed that the 49ers linebacker will not be going to trial. The charges against Foster were dropped due to the testimony from Ennis and the lack of evidence against him. The young star was officially exonerated and he will now be able to rejoin the 49ers for OTAs and continue his promising NFL career. However, he will likely live the rest of his life thinking about the false accusations that almost ruined him.

Since Elissa Ennis admitted that she fabricated the accusations against Reuben Foster, everyone has been speculating whether or not he will still be suspended by the NFL. After all, if Ezekiel Elliot was suspended despite very little evidence, Foster should be too, right? Wrong.

It’s true that Zeke Elliot was never indicted for an alleged domestic violence due to the lack of cooperation from his accuser. It’s also true that his four game suspension from the NFL was completely ludicrous. With that being said, Foster’s situation is not remotely similar to Elliot’s. Foster’s ex-girlfriend admitted under oath in a court of law that he was innocent, and that she was guilty of assaulting, robbing, and blackballing him. To put it simple, Reuben Foster should not be suspended for this.

I hope that this case becomes an eye opener for people everywhere. While there are scumbags out there who are guilty of domestic violence and sexual assault, there are also scumbags who are equally guilty of fabricating a story for money, fifteen minutes of fame, or to ruin the life of another person out of pure hatred and spite. The latter should be ashamed, because they’re taking advantage of the system and giving a bad name to all of those who are true victims of these terrible crimes.

If this case taught us anything, it’s that we should always keep an open mind and wait for all the facts to come out before we deem someone as a monster. In this case, Reuben Foster was always an innocent man being victimized by a spiteful, crazy ex-girlfriend. After judging him so preemptively, I was happy to see him walk a free man, and I look forward to seeing him back on the football field.

Photo: CBS Sports


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