Why is Vegas Great for the NHL?

That’s right The Vegas Golden Knights who are the 31st team in the NHL are in the Stanley Cup Finals and it is amazing for the NHL. They will face the winner of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals series.

The Vegas Knights are fantastic for the NHL but a lot of fans are crying because they feel they’ve been cheated. Well, I’m here to say grow up. Yes, 30 other teams are going to feel like crap because they didn’t make it there. That’s a normal feeling. They missed out of the playoffs or lost in the playoffs and that isn’t Vegas’s fault. Vegas has just been doing their own thing and they’ve been winning behind Marc Andre Fleury and William Karlson. They have been growing their fan base and it is already bigger than some of the fan bases in the NHL. I can confidently say that they probably are one of the best fan bases this year. Now I don’t know how the fans will act when they start losing but for now they are great.

For those who think that Vegas going this far is bad for the NHL let me spell this out for you.

1. GM’s made their roster choices and gave Vegas their garbage. Now that these guys are performing they have to deal with it. They are the ones that didn’t believe in their players and gave them up. That is on them and nobody else.

2. This is a great way to grow the whole NHL and hockey fan base. They have grown so much in the past year that now they even want a team in Seattle. Also, now that Vegas is good it is bringing a whole new youth in to hockey. Bryce Harper has said he loves watching hockey and he started watching hockey because of Vegas. He is also going to have his kid play hockey and that just shows that kids and parents are starting to look into the sport and are thinking of playing.

3. To all those other fan bases that are butthurt and sour over Vegas winning and feel like they got cheated listen, it’s never been a great feeling watching another team win. This isn’t some team that is just prospects, they have real NHL talent and got some good players from the expansion draft they are a real team.

4. WINNING THE CUP ISNT A WAIT-YOUR-TURN KINDA THING!! Teams have gone on some serious droughts and are now pretty steamed that this team who just enter the league is contending for the cup. This isn’t the DMV, you don’t just wait your turn for a chance at the cup. You have to go through bad times at some point and Vegas will. They could lose this year and could stink next year who knows. All we know right now is that Vegas deserves to be where they are right now.

I am excited to watch the Stanley Cup Finals and I hope more and more people tune in to watch some of the most exciting games in all of sports. Lastly, like my friend Joe Scotch said at the beginning of the year, my prediction for the next series is Vegas wins Lord Stanley’s Cup.

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