Tom Brady’s Lawyer Allegedly Admits He(or His Wife) Received HGH

Just kidding. That’s not the story at all. The story is about Peyton Manning, and apparently no one cares. But can you imagine if it was Brady? It would probably be the biggest story in the nation right now.

Imagine if a few of his goons, wait no, lawyers had shown up and threatened the key witness, I mean made sure the key witness was telling the truth. Just think of what people would be saying about his wife right now. Was she doping before her walk at the Olympics? It’d be a bigger scandal than the OAR.

Maybe you don’t believe the story. Maybe you think Al Jazeera isn’t reliable and are a bunch of liars. But even if you feel that way, even you would have to admit that this story would be 10000 times bigger if it were about Brady and not America’s Golden Boy. After all, Brady may have been generally aware that some people might have messed with the air pressure of a few footballs. All Manning ever did was expose himself to a female sports trainer in college. I know who I’d trust more.

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Photo credit: USA Today and Hollywood Reporter


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