Is Torey Krug on his way out of Boston?

With the Stanley Cup Finals coming to a close, NHL trade talks will start to heat up quite a bit. One of the teams to watch is the Boston Bruins.

This Bruins team heading into the draft has two clear needs, left shot defenseman and a 2nd line sniper. David Krejci has been left in the dust with the lack of talent that has been on his line in recent past and now it is time to get him some help. Rick Nash was an experiment gone wrong and Jake Debrusk is still young. Don Sweeney needs to find a right-winger and a left defenseman for this team to make it out of the second round next year.

As of right now I don’t know where the right-wing sniper would come from because the Bruins might not want to give up the farm system for a guy who may end up producing (Rick Nash). There should be a lot of movement in the draft because there are multiple teams with multiple picks in the top 50. Teams will be fighting for those picks and we could see players shifting around due to this.

There are several teams out there that fit the Bruins trade desire and those teams could use a shake up or fresh start as well. One of those is The Carolina Hurricanes and Noah Hanifin. Hanifin is a Massachusetts kid and the Bruins tried to trade up to get him in the 2015 draft. This would be a hard trade to pull off but it could be done if Sweeney really believes in this kid.

The more realistic option for the Bruins is to contact ol’┬ápal Peter Chiarelli in Edmonton. With Torey Krug amassing 110 points the past 2 seasons for the Black and Gold his stock is at an all time high and could be on his way out. Chiarelli loved Krug when he was here and it wouldn’t blow anyone away if a trade involving Krug happened.

Now the intriguing part of this is that the Oilers have something the Bruins want as well. Oscar Klefbom. Klefbom isn’t being paid too much and he fits what the Bruins are looking for. He had a down year but could bounce back on a contending team. Klefbom would immediately fill the hole in the defense and could grow some more in the system.

Many think that these two players may be the center piece of a trade that could happen between the Bruins and the Oilers. There would be more in the trade but these two guys are the ones that would be the big names in the deal and it is something to keep an eye on as the draft comes closer and closer. We’ll just have to wait and see which scenario will play out, if any at all, when draft weekend comes.



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