The Great Eight

Watching Ovechkin raise that trophy above his head brought tears to my face, man.

When it comes to football (professionally), the Chiefs will always and forever be my team (kudos to my Dad.) Outside of that, I’m a Washington diehard. With basketball, it’s the Wizards (John Wall is the best PG in the NBA when he’s healthy, by the way.) With baseball, it’s the Nationals (although sometimes it’s the Royals, just because baseball is such an expansive sport.) But I had never been into hockey until a few years ago.

The short version is simply put: this is what I want to do for a living. Write about sports, specifically football. But I know so much about most sports (Soccer has never peaked my interest). Being 18 limits my options, which is why I love this site. It gives everyone a platform to write. And on a site just like this, I was scrolling through a few years back when I came across an article titled “The Great Eight” and it had a picture of some guy in a Capitals jersey I’d never seen. I clicked, read through, found his name, went on Youtube, and typed in Alexander Ovechkin. And that single night got me interested. I had always thought of Hockey as a big fight club. And the only player I knew by name was Wayne Gretzky. But watching this Ovi guy, I was amazed. He is, in my humble opinion, the Lebron James of Hockey. The Capitals are full of good players ( Wilson, Holtby, Smith-Pelly), but Ovechkin is regarded as one of the greatest to ever slap a hockey puck. He’s the franchise leader in goals, and he’s led them to 4 playoff series in a row. That’s tied for the longest current playoff appearance in the NHL.

And it goes without saying that he deserved the Stanley Cup. He reached 1000 points at 31 years old, he has 607 goals at 32, he’s on NHL’s 100 Greatest Players of All Time list, should I go on? Watching the Penguins beat us last year in seven, and the year prior in six was gut-wrenching. But when we beat them this time around I had a feeling we’d go all the way.

The Knights put up a good fight, and had an amazing first season! But Ovechkin had other plans. Sports hasn’t been great to DC over the last few years (Wizards losing in seven to Boston last year was HARD to watch). But the Capitols just showed everybody what that city can do. Now it’s time for Harper and Wall to lead their teams to glory just like Ovi did.

Hell of a season, Caps.


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