Why Sports Mean So Much To Us

Moments like this are why we love sports so much. The pure joy that this kid is feeling is beyond anything that can be described in words, but, for me, the video isn’t about him. It’s about his dad. I imagine he’s spent his entire life watching his favorite team lose heartbreak after heartbreak, and they’ve finally won. He obviously can’t contain his emotions as the years and years of watching have finally resulted in the ultimate prize, and he was in the building to witness it. But more than that, he was able to share it with his son.

Sports is bigger than just the games on the field, court, or ice. I don’t look down on people who don’t like sports, I just genuinely feel bad for them. Sports are about spending time with your family and friends and rooting for the same team. Spending that time together makes your love of the team grow, because you have some great memories with your family and friends that revolve around the team you already loved.

Almost all of my favorite memories with my dad have involved the Patriots. Whether it’s at the games, he’s been a season ticket holder since 1967, I got a seat for my 16th birthday, in 2000. We probably looked like these two(except I was a few years older and not on his shoulders) at the end of the Snow Bowl. I went to my first game as a 9 year old, so excited to see the new rookie quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, but be stuck with Scott Secules after Bledsoe got hurt the week before. I grew up around a grill behind a Geo Metro, and then a Ford Ranger. I drank my first beer in a parking lot near the stadium with my dad and uncle. It was given with a grin and a warning, “Don’t tell Mom.” We cried and celebrated when the Patriots finally won their first Super Bowl, even now I get chills when I hear the Gil Santos call. I brought a few girls to the game, and eventually, my wife, who refuses to sit with me(I’m not an easy person to watch a game with), and one day I’ll be taking my kids. They’ve already been to training camp every year since 2013, when my 2 year old was taking pictures with her princess camera. Between throws you’d hear, “You’re as pretty as a princess,” or “You look BEAUTIFUL!” It was priceless, and exactly the type of thing that a parent will never forget. And who was sitting there next to me soaking it all in? My dad. Watching a third generation of die hard Patriots fan in our family. This summer, my youngest will go to his first practice. Watching him will be a ton of fun, and I’m sure my dad will be there loving every minute.

In the end, what happens is that sports is something that we all have in common. When you want to start a conversation with someone, usually talking sports is an easy starter. I talk almost exclusively sports with some of my best friends. I can’t tell you how many times my wife will ask me what I talked about with my friends, if I asked them about their kids, or their job, or how things are going. Usually we just talk sports. We know that if we really needed each other, we’d be there, but, on almost every occasion, it’s just better to talk sports. Thank you Dad, for making sports such a big part of my life, I hope one day I’ll be able to share half of the great moments with my kids that we’ve shared together. I love you. Uh, I mean, Go Patriots.

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