Belichick Playing Chess While Everyone Plays Checkers, Again

Bill Belichick is always ahead of the curve when it comes to his approach to coaching his team. This season, unsurprisingly, is no different. He has decided to give his team the last week of OTAs off. He’s about to prove that “No Days Off” is a thing of the past.

Many will question his motives behind this decision. His starting quarterback is off celebrating Brazilian Valentine’s Day. His starting TE is going vroom vroom on a Motocross track somewhere in the back woods of Buffalo, NY. And his best WR is consulting with Roger Clemens on how to convince the NFL he misremembered what supplements he took and where he got them. None of that factored into his decision, obviously, his only job is to coach the players who are in camp and that’s exactly what he’s doing here. Clearly, the best thing for his team is to take some time to be apart from each other. They’ve already learned all the plays and had time to work on them. Plus, they’ve already built up a ton of trust with each other. There’s nothing more unbreakable than the bond between corn hole partners(shoutout Cousin Evan), especially when that corn hole is played at Fenway Park.

Some people may be stuck in the past and believe that more practice time is important. That being prepared for every situation the team may encounter during the year will help them perform at a high level on every play in every game. Those people obviously don’t understand the new ways of the NFL. You may doubt him now, but we all know that eventually he’ll be proven correct.

It definitely isn’t that his relationship with his quarterback has deteriorated to the point where they refuse to talk to each other, and he has such little faith in the bums players behind him that he just decided to cancel practices instead of trying to deal with watching them try to hit uncovered receivers. No, that’s not possible, so he must just be ahead of the coaching curve, once again.

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